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    Developing Widget as Plugins Problem

      Please i got the source build of the 1.8 version & tried to follow the tutorial of creating a simple widget as a plugin but it doesn't seem to work well at all ?:|


      It's added to the widget pallete but it throws exception while to trying to rendring the content from the ftl file, he doesn't see the ftl file at all !!



      My hierarchy is as follows:(plugin jar file which is deployed on the standalone version)



      widget --> resources --> hello-world.ftl



      widget --> plugin.xml



      widget --> classes --> com --> ........................ -->HelloWorldWidget.class



      widget --> META-INF



      please anyone help because its very ergent to our work to develop widgets as plugins , thanks in advance.



      N.B. we build our plugins using the build.xml file in the source build folder then we deploy it on the standalone version to test.