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    Real reporting (incl. page popularity etc.)


      Apparently the # of views for e.g. blogs isn't even checked. A widget with the most popular blog posts is pretty much the first thing that comes to mind as useful though...



      Generally, the reporting section is not very useful, because it is so rigid. A good approach would be:


      • log everything that happens against a db (at least on request by the admin)

      • have a generic widget that can make beautiful graphs out of a query against that db - heck, even if it's just SQL => graph, that'd be huge!



      Maybe this can be done by integrating a reporting library?



      then this should be available in the admin section, but if allowed by the admin, also in the content section (showing popular items makes a good start page e.g.)



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          I think this would be a very useful tool to assess the usage of the community and to identify where the interests of the lie...






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            hi cdriesch,


            log everything that happens against a db

            We've stayed away from that because of the performance implications on larger installations, but in general I agree that views could / should be taken into account when determining popularity (although that leaves them open to gaming). Having a widget that can display graphs would also be nice and is something we're looking at for 2.0 / 2.x.





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              Something else that could really help with reporting is meaningful and consistent url structures. That way we would get maximum value by hooking up google analytics. Then Jive could leave those basics to others and concentrate on Clearspace-specific reporting that one would never get from a pageview-oriented analytics package.



              For example, we REALLY need the documents url to include the space!  And the discussion thread url to include the space, and the...