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    Export utility timeframe?


      I know the subject of some mechanism to export from Clearspace has come up (at least for spaces), but is there a timeframe for this?  Is it slated for 1.9 or later?  Is there an indication of what kind of exports we'll be able to do?






      On the subject, I'd also say it's all but imperative to provide the export of blogs/docs indvidually or en masse  to a completely neutral format (HTML, wiki markup, plain text).  As it stands, data has a one-way path into CS and no way out (pdfs don't count).  What happens if a customer can no longer renew a CS license? Does the mindshare they've dumped into CS die with the license?  What happens if Jive disappears? (knock on wood ) How would one get their data out of CS in a format that would be usable elsewhere?