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    Scheduled Contact Enabling/Disabling

      We frequently have people leaving their jobs at a designated time in the future.  It would be a useful feature addition to be able to set a future date/time for a contact's account to automatically be disabled.

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          hi drgoochmobile,


          One way to do that would be to set an extended property (that contains the date that they are departing from your org ) on the user when you create them and then write a plugin that kicks off a scheduled task that runs every night, which looks for users whose have the extended property and the value of the extended property is a date in the past. Throwing some code around, your plugin init would contain something like this:

          taskEngine.scheduleTask(new Runnable() {
            public void run() {
          }, 3 * JiveConstants.MINUTE, 24 * JiveConstants.HOUR);

          That will run a method 'disableUsers' every 24 hours.


          I'd be happy to help more if you'd like a kickstart.