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    Translation Options?

      I'm posting this on behalf of a customer of mine, hoping someone can help. Any info would be helpful hear. Prospective customer is currently looking at http://www.translations.com/ & http://www.sdl.com/en/  for their support community. Jive now partners with http://www.lingotek.com/ by way of our Apps Marketplace. They have asked for feedback on pro's/cons, lessons learned using any of these companies or suggestions on others.


      Thank you in advance!


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          We're working on a plug-in that will enable use of different machine translation engines to translate content within the thread. This allows the user experience to remain within the community without having to go outside the experience. this would also allow us to maintain only one community that serves multiple languages.The reason for allowing use of different MT engines is that some engines do a better job with different language pairs than others. This way you can select the engine with the best quality translation for the language pair. We have just completed first round of UAT with very good results and are begining a second round with a different user group. We plan to go to Beta production in Q1 and will post an update here then. Our plan is to possibly offer this in the app store.

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            We have implemented a small, easy-to-use widget based on the Google Translate API called Translate This (http://translateth.is)


            It may eventually go away with all of the API tweaking going on at Google, but right now it's a great way to get machine translation of your content. Check out our site (upper right hand corner by the share button) to see it in action: http://community.qlikview.com/

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                We looked at that, but there was concern on the quality of the translations. We were also concerned with the Google API tweaking. However, I like the simplicity of it.

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                    I have also worked on a number of translation, localization projects.


                    I have not worked with translations.com before (although I did go through an official evaluation process with them).


                    I have worked with SDL and can recommend Keith Borman 408-667-4791. They have a number of different options for business needs. Note they are not the least expensive on the market, but they are thorough and also own/manage the software that many smaller vendors use for translation, translation memory etc.


                    A best practice I always abide by is to have a formal evaluation for at LEAST 3 vendors. I'm willing to have a short phone conversation with you to go over some of the items to cover and look for when you evaluate them (if you want more input).


                    Best Regards, Sara

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                    John Schwiller

                    Hi Jason


                    Just looked at your implementation of Translate This (in FF) - have you thought about some kind of spinner to display whilst it is going off to translate?

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                    We completed UAT and had a very successful launch. We developed a broker engine that allows us to use multiple translation engines depending on the quality of the language pair. The user selects a language from a drop down within the thread and it translates real time. Once the thread is closed the translation goes away so it doesn't clutter up the thread. We also put a rating system in place so users rate translation quality. We launched with 5 languages and the team will evaluate need for others as requirements change.

                    Happy to consult with anyone who might be interested in more details.