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    Q & A support community: What are some industry norms for traffic metrics including % of visitors seeking Q&A community?

      Thanks! to the external community pros for the solid and helpful feedback to my previous question about user traffic driven from website to community. In clarifying some additional points for a business case, I was wondering if you had some rough or clear metrics for the following:


      1. What percent of visitors to a company website who are seeking  support visit the Q&A community? Jive states in their Jive Customer Survey Results a 28% decrease in support calls and 26% decrease in channel support costs. There would have to be a couple of steps in the process. First the seeker would arrive at the company website, then proceed to the support community to either browse or post a question. Then, a relevant answer would count as a success and deflect the support call. Does the 28% decrease resonate with you and in returning to the preliminary metric, what percentage of support seekers to a website proceed to Q&A community? Is there an established industry range?
      2. What percent of those who proceed to the Q&A community from the company website, participate in the community? There are a couple of "participation" options (and definitions!) for visitors to a Q&A community. I suppose I am wondering if there are some generally accepted participation metrics around the following for visitors:
        • % of visitors who exit right away (bounce rate)
        • % of visitors who view community and search for relevant questions and answers (either browse around or enter search terms)
        • % of visitors who search and find the right answer (success)
        • % of visitors who post duplicate questions (without searching past results leading to duplicate questions)
        • % of visitors who post  questions (after searching past results)
      3. What percent of customers decide to purchase the product/service due to the support community? I realize that this is a more difficult number analytically. Jive presents the 26% increase in web site sales in their survey. There are a handful of dependencies so I guess I'm just trying to get some rough numbers or best guesses.
      4. And finally, what is the increase in traffic from the community back to the company website? Jive states in their survey results a 34% increase in web site traffic from existing customers and a 32% increase in web site traffic from new customers. Is that what you are seeing?


      I hope this is clear. Thanks in advance for any helpful insights!