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    How to modify pdf layout





      We have customised a number fo stylesof a wiki document.  When generating the pdf of the document, the layout is not changed. 



      Is there a way to modify teh layout of the pdf as well ?



      We also need to render to A4 format (European company). Is this possible ?



      And why are embedded images in a pdf not scaled as they are on the wiki page screen presentation ?









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          hi Marc,


          Is there a way to modify teh layout of the pdf as well ?

          I don't think there is right now, I'll send this thread around internally and find out for sure though.





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            PDF layouts are defined in fo-template.xsl. There are three master pages that are defined in the layout, and all of them are set to 8.5x11in page size. You will have to change the master pages to match A4 page height and width.

            ISO Paper sizes


            The page-height and page-width properties can be specified in CSS units (in, cm, pt, mm), so, use the appropriate ones for A4. Keep in mind that all of the Clearspace layouts were designed to fit approximately on a 8.5x11in page, so changing page size of the template will change the layout of every pdf document generated by Clearspace.