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    Tags and tag groups - Why per space - Bug ?





      I do not understand why a tag and tag group is limited to a space scope.  We have created a space per customer and now want to create tag groups such as 'Technical issues', 'Sales issues', 'Product inquiries', etc.



      I want to create these tags and tag groups at the level of the parent space (Customers) and then use them in each of the spaces. I then also want to show the tag groups in the parent space and be able to filter on these tags.



      BUG: In the widgets, you can define that you want to see the tags of a subspace.  This is great !  But when you do so, and you click on a tag that is defined in the subspace, the systel tells you that there are no documents in that space linked to the tag...  This is an unexpected behaviour.  I expect to see the docs of the subspaces.