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    Wiki editor - Unstable behaviour !



      After a few weeks of usage of ClearSpace, I receive more and more complaints about the formatting problems with the rich text and plain text editor. It seems that often, extra line breaks are inserted when you switch between rich text and plain text. Also, when saving a document, suddenly a number of extra line breaks are inserted.


      Example: insert a code block in a page, followed by a second code block.  Switch between rich text and plain text or save the document multiple times. You will see that extra line breaks are added...


      Although the rich text editor is rather basic, there seems to be no exact match between formatting done in rich text mode, in plain text mode and formatting saved in the database and used for display purposes.


      Is this an issue which will be looked at in future versions ?


      At this moment, most of the document writers are switching back to MS Word to edit their documents ... and this is no good sign !



      Marc Vermeulen

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          hi Marc,


          We're definitely aware of the issues you're seeing and we're working hard to improve the rich text and the plain text editor.





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              I push for new features as much as anyone, but I'd swap them all for a stable implementation of the online document authoring capability.



              It is an act of faith to keep sticking with creating documents in Clearspace. I've developed working methods to avoid some of the worst aspects e.g. authoring in rich text and using plan text mode to edit out rogue line spaces - a lot can get created as you cycle through saves and mode switching.



              Frankly, a lot people won't bother and give up - they just expect it to work. Fixing this is the single most influential thing that can be done to support adoption. Initial excitement can wain and be difficult to recover once someone has been put off by a bad experience or put another way, less people using, less need to buy additional licences.




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                  Graham, ultraagenda, we completely agree with you about the rich text editor. It is something we are actively working on addressing. It turns out that quite a bit of the problem is on the server side responsible for doing the conversion between plain text and rich text. The syntax is complicated to parse and the original approach we took to handling the transformation isn't making the grade. That server-side code is currently being rewritten to make sure these types of formatting problems stop being an issue. Thanks for your input and candid take on the single most important improvement to Clearspace.

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                      Not to beat a dead horse here, but I need to agree with the others that this one issue is the one that I hear about the most from people who are just starting to use my instance of Clearspace. If this could get fixed, I think that the adoption rate would greatly increase.


                      Thanks for your attention to this.

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                        Greg and AJ,


                        Please let me know if the following issue is related, or if I should file a separate bug report: In Internet Explorer 7, the rich text editor has a lot of problems loading. It is usually slow, and sometimes never loads completely, If we have people select to always use the plain text editor, they don't have these problems.


                        In case you weren't aware, this and the other problems mentioned in this thread also occur with discussions, not just wiki documents.


                        Do either of you have any idea how soon this and the two other IE 7 issues ("Your View" and overlapping/overspaced messages, as shown below) might be fixed?



                        Can you please also give us the issue numbers in JIRA for these bugs so we can vote for them and watch them?





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                            I have the same problem with IE7 - I understand that it is something to do with SP2. God knows what will happen when SP3 hits. IE7 is slow to load the RTE and still shows a java error. There was a fix/workaround to stop it failing completely, but the net result is that is that I still can't really use IE for Clearspace. I have to use Firefox; this isn't the end of the work, but Firefox has known memory leaks so after a wile I have to shut down the browser and a start over with a new browser. Not so great for the move from client based authoring to online authoring.



                            BTW  - I tried using Safari bete for windows, but it won't even load the RTE tab.






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                                Unfortunately safari is not a currently supported platform for the RTE and the RTE has been explicitly disabled from running in that browser. Safari 2 was missing vast amounts of required functionality required to make the RTE work, and we have yet to validate Safari 3 to see if it's any better.

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                                Hi Rob,


                                I did some local testing with IE7, and could not reproduce the issues you are having with the RTE or 'floating' discussions, and am unsure the problem with 'Your View'.


                                Could you send an email into us at support detailing these issues so that we can address them head-on?




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                                Hi Greg, are the wiki editor issues resolved yet in an available release?

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                                    Hi Dan,


                                    We're continuing to make incremental improvements to the editor in each release, but the larger work I mentioned above of a new approach to the server-side work on the editor is not yet in a release. Amazing (to me) progress has been made even since my last post in this thread and I'm feeling confident that the improvements are going to make things much better.