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    Search results don't seem to distinguish between a document and its attachments

      I've been evaluating Clearspace for our company, and one of the features we absolutely need is the ability to search within attachments. 


      Fortunately, Clearspace seems to index the contents of attachments and brings up documents in the search results if any of the documents' attachments match the search criteria.  Unfortunately, the search results don't seem to indicate what matched: the document itself, or the contents of the document's attachment.  This by itself wouldn't be a big deal, but if you have a document with multiple attachments, it's impossible to figure out which attachment matched. 


      Our use case is actually a blog post about a product development meeting, in which we wrote a bit about the meeting and then attached all of the PowerPoint presentations from the meeting to the blog post.  When we later go to search for one of those PowerPoint presentations, the blog post comes up in the search results, but we have no idea which PowerPoint attachment matched our search. 


      I've tried looking around in the admin console for an option to show attachments separately in the search results, but I didn't find anything.  Did I miss something?