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    Managing page views...any tips?


      We have had a frustrating year trying to manage page views to budget...

      with limited reporting and functionality available in Jive to assist us.


      Welcome and appreciate any tips other users have.

      And sharing my wish list:


      --Regular reporting that includes page views, bot views by bot, and a running total of our page views to date

      --Best practices guide for community design that helps maximize page view budget

      --Jive functionality that enables management of bot views.
      Google webmaster tools enable throttling their bots, but are inexact.
      And, so far have found nothing similar for other bots.  Baidu and Sougu, for example, seem to be an all-or-nothing proposition.

      So, my options seem to be to completely turn off crawls (so any search benefit) in Asian markets--or to allow crawls--and have no ability to manage to page view budget.


      Neither are attractive options...

      And this issue is key reason we would explore alternate options for community platform.


      I hope the community has some tips to help us address, and that Jive product team recognizes and responds to the issue...