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    Single Sign On Implementation CS 1.8

      I am having some problems implementing SSO in CSx 1.8.


      I have a custom AuthFactory that does the following:




      1) looks for the SSO authenticated userName (SSO is configured in CS and is working)  from the session using the request object.




      2) tries to lookup the userid by looking up the user in the Jive database.




      -> I've tried this two ways:  a) trying to get the UserProvider and look up the user and b) trying to lookup the user information directly from the jiveuser table in the database.




      3 ) If the user is found, return a custom AuthToken with the user's id.




      4) If the user is not found, create a user in the Jive database. (again, I've tried this using the UserProvider from the system and directly in the jiveuser table).




      I'm not sure what's happening because I can't find any messages of failures other than an "Invalid username/password" log entry.  I try to put in debug statements using System.err and System.out but I can't find any of those explicit writes anywhere.  I am confident the custom code is called because when I force it to return a fixed userid... without doing any lookups or writes.. the returned userid is already in the Jive database. My biggest concern is how to troubleshoot this.  How can I force useful messages from my AuthFactory class?