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    Why the decision to make this compatible with BlackBerry OS6 and nothing earlier?


      Let me give you the context first. We're rolling out the Mobile app. I've reviewed the user base for one of our divisions, and only 1/3 of them are on OS6. Another 1/3 could be upgraded to OS6, but there are issues with pushing out an OS upgrade to people who are physically mobile. We're discussing the best way to roll this out, and the question of the OS choice came up.


      I was asked why Jive selected to be compatible with OS6, and whether there was going to be any focus on moving that back at least to OS5. I said I'd ask.


      And then I thought about it. I suspect it had more to do with targeting specific BlackBerry devices (i.e. ones with touch screens and/or larger screen area) and less to do with OS. And that when you evaluated the devices, the ones you wanted to target came pre-loaded with OS6. However, nowhere in your documentation is this specifically stated. In fact, on the requirements list it focuses on the OS version.


      Can you please help me put this into context so that I know how best to address this to the business and to the users?