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    Drag & Drop Behavior ?!


      Dear All,



      I have a problem in studying the drag & drop behavior in customizing clearspace community, i have the source build & i want to prevent droping some widgets in the mail coloumn & vise versa ........ more clearly i classify the widgets into 2 categories, Big & Small , the big widgets goes only in the main coloumn & the small ones goes only in the right coloumn , so accroding to a new field added to the jivewidget table i determine wherever this widget is Big or Small & according to this criteria i want to prevent Big Widgets from being dropped into the right coloumn & prevent the Small widgets from bieng dropped in the main clolumn.



      Is there any ideas



      thanks in advance



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          hi Mohamed,


          I checked into this a bit, it would be non-trivial to allow only large widgets to be dragged onto the big column and vice versa. I don't know your business requirements, but I'd try to push back on this: widgets are meant to be displayed in both the large and small columns.





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              Thanks Aaron for your reply but i succeded in implementing such algorithm but the only problem now facing me is how to prevent dragging & dropping between the 2 coloumns ?! Is it requires modifying the draganddrop.js file ?? please help in this point, i need to prevent dragging & dropping between small & large coloumns.



              thanks again for your care.