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      Would you be willing to share the code (or create a macro) for the plugin-boxes that you show at the top of this page:












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          hi John,


          They're all yours, free for the taking. You can view source to get the code or, better yet, install Firebug in Firefox, open Firebug and then use the 'inspect' button to highlight the


          that each of those boxes is contained by and you'll see all the CSS / HTML that goes into making those boxes.





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              Thanks AJ,


              When you refer to looking at the code, are you referring to the code of

              the portal itself, or the implementation of clearpaceX? Either way, if

              possible, could you point me to a specific section/block of code (as I

              assume the code base is relatively significant)?


              Also, I am familiar with firebug and could see the CSS, just haven't

              explored far enough to see how the see the related HTML. Is this easy to

              get to as well?


              I apologize for all the questions. However, I'd be happy to share what I

              discover here with other developers as I am sure such questions will

              come up again.





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                  Generally, the way I attack such problems is to look for a class name or id in the html of the page that appears to be unique then I search the code base for this which will quickly point you to the ftl you would need to modify in order to change the page.


                  Hope that helps,