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    Clearspace development - what's going wrong ...  No new features since ...


      We are using ClearSpace since a few months and were in the beginning impressed by the regular software updates. A number of new features were announced and we thus expected to have these new features after a few iterations and not - as in usual software projects - only after 6 or 12 months.



      It now seems however that every new release is in fact a bug release and not a new feature release ... Software is thus released to early ?



      We are concerned about the future of this product ...  In order to compete with others, the feature set must become stable (take the simple example of the rich text editor) and new features should be added (create wiki pages based on templates, add TOC, improve PDf generation, review use of tags and taggroups, include many more widgets and macros to allow the many requests added on the community lists, etc.).



      From a basic 'vision' point of view, this product has a great future, but you will need to be able to deliver ...



      Hope the ClearSpace strategy and development team can take the above comment as a positive drive for future product deliveries ....






      Marc Vermeulen






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          hi Marc,


          We've spent the last couple releases (1.8 and 1.9) and the forthcoming 1.10 release working hard to squash as many bugs as we can, effectively spending more time on the stability / quality side at the expense of the new feature side. We're currently working on both new features and bug fixes and we hope to have some really really cool stuff to show you soon. As an aside, I did get a TOC macro working and never got around to getting it deployed here on this site because the installation of the macro is a little kludgy. I'll try and get it posted tomorrow with some documentation / directions, I'd love your feedback on it.