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    View Profile Showing the Wrong Avatar

    Ryan Rutan

      Any one else have this issue?  We have 2 users...who uploaded and specified a specific avatar.  User A sees her avatar as the correct one; however, all other users (it appears) see User B's avatar for her profile including User B...and even User C, D etc... Does this make any sense?

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          Curtis Gross

          Hey Ryan,


          I have seen this happen in a specific scenario - when you either transfer the database from a Clearspace install into a ClearspaceX (or vice versa).   Or if you start with a Clearspace installation but use a ClearspaceX license (vice versa again applies).


          Have you done either of the above?



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            hi Ryan,


            Are all these Clearspace instances you're installing in a cluster? Are they behind an Apache httpd server?  It kind of sounds like a browser client caching issue, avatars are requested using a URL like this:




            where 22 is the size in pixels and a=1046 is the avatar ID. Can you post the URL's for these users avatars?





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                Ryan Rutan



                We are running Oracle OAS 10g (  Apache is used as the front

                facing HTTP daemon...we just upgraded to 1.9, so haven't had a chance to

                recreate yet...but the image URLs are the OOTB URLs when looking at a

                User's profile.


                I understand the resource caching issue...is it possible to change the

                name of the resource to something more like IMAGE_ID-SIZE.png?


                Thanks for the follow-up,


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                    Oops, sorry. I didn't mean to give you the impression that the way we construct the URL's for avatars is a problem for browser caching, we've tested that out pretty extensively and you shouldn't see any problems on the Clearspace side.  Once you get comfortable with 1.9 and if you can replicate the issue you were seeing, try cutting Apache out of the loop by going directly to one of the servers in your pool.





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                        Ryan Rutan

                        It appears that when I try to upload my Avatar to the system, that I am

                        able to do so, and select...however, there seems to be some issue where

                        the Avatar that is displayed is always the first one.  This appears to be

                        an Apache type problem, as if I change the URL and/or the image size,

                        (sometimes) I get the right image.   What makes me a little skeptical is

                        that I cant reproduce 100% of the time.  If I change the name of the asset

                        being requested, such as 22.png > 100.png, I would expected that I should

                        get the correct image (if it has never been requested)...but this is not

                        always the case...(not ruling out client-side caching unfortunately).


                        Could you elaborate a bit more on this Apache issue... I understand that

                        you guys have engineered this and signed off, but I'm a bit confused how

                        you know of a problem.  Was this something another customer ran into?  Do

                        you have a specific...change this setting in Apache to solve it?  I just

                        want to understand if you are telling me a solution...or just a hunch

                        etc.... =)


                        Thanks Aaron, also below is an HTML Snippet of the Screen I was looking

                        at...in addition to a cropped screen shot.  Notice, how my avatar in the

                        header does not match my selected avatar below...however, the IDs match in

                        the HTML.



                            <!-- BEGIN user details -->

                            <div id="jive-userbar-user">

                                    <div id="jive-userbar-user-avatar">

                                <a href="/content/people/rrutan"

                                    title="Click to view rrutan's profile"






                                    border="0" height="22" width="22"

                                    title="Click to view rrutan's profile"

                                    alt="Click to view rrutan's profile"



                                <span>Welcome, <a title="Click to view your profile"

                        href="/content/people/rrutan"><strong>rrutan</strong></a></span> <span

                        id="jive-userbar-logout">(<a href="/content/logout.jspa">Log




                            <!-- END user details -->







                                                <div name="avatarList" id="jiveAvatarList_0">

                                                    <a href="#" class="jive-avatar-image"

                        onclick="jiveAvatarSelect('0');return false;">


                        src="/content/people/guest/avatar/48.png" class="jive-avatar" border="0"

                        alt="" />


                                                    <input type="radio" name="avatarID" value="0"

                        id="avatar_0"  />

                                                    <!-- <label for="avatar_0">None

                        (default)</label> -->



                                            <li class="jive-avatars-useruploaded


                                                   <span>Your Avatar</span>

                                                   <div name="avatarList"


                                                   <a href="#" class="jive-avatar-image"

                        onclick="jiveAvatarSelect('1001');return false;">

                                                       <img src="


                        class="jive-avatar" border="0" alt="" />


                                                   <input type="radio" name="avatarID"

                        value="1001" id="avatar_1001" checked />


                                                <span class="jive-avatar-custom-delete">(<a






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                            hey Ryan,


                            No smoking gun with Apache, just a hunch that it might have something to do with clustering (are you running multiple servers?) or proxying behind Apache. I tried out changing my avatar on this site (1.7) and on our intranet (1.10 beta) and both of them worked fine. I changed my avater, clicked 'save settings' and then my avatar changed everywhere.  Neither of those sites is clustered, so maybe this is a clustering thing.  I think you said you were clustered, if so, can you try going directly to one of the servers, changing your avatar and then go to the other server and see if it picked up the change?