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    How are you handling multiple types of video on your sites?


      Hi External Community managers,


      We currently have Jive's video module in use on our external community. It's pretty good if you have a source file to upload. However, I have lots of video content (training videos from our manufacturer partners, or that are on our other eCommerce websites) where I don't have access to the source file, or the source is a format that the Jive video module doesn't support. We had these video types before we even got the video module and have typically embedded them into documents. Before the video module we posted things to YouTube and embedded those in documents as well.


      So, now I have the Video module, but I also have all these other documents with embedded video in them, and users can't find them all in one place. They're not all under the Browse>Video option, they don't show on the Video tab in a group or space, and you can't filter on/find them all by using the video type in search results.


      We're looking at our options for how to correct this problem and I thought I'd see what others have done. Is this an issue for anyone else? If so, how have you solved it?


      Christy Zurcher