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    JIVE data security statement


      I understand how we can customise the T&Cs that users are faced with when accessing JIVE for the first time but does JIVE have a standard policy on processing data etc that the user has access to on the login screen or anywhere within JIVE? (privacy statement / any or security statement).


      The examples we have seen so far are around terms of use and not explicitly referring to processing of data.

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          We recently raised similar questions with Jive as we have users (internal community) around the world and the question around EU data privacy rules was raised. Here’s my high level understanding:



          ·        We are hosted and SunGard is SAS70 and Safe Harbor certified.


          ·        We are waiting to hear back on a question we have regarding where the data backups are stored.


          ·        What I am hearing from our compliance group is that there is language we can include in our T&C that addresses the data privacy questions. If users agree to the T&C, we are covered.


          ·        I am assuming you will want your HR, Compliance, and/or legal groups to review any language.



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