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    Auto-Hide Actions Widget when Empty

    Ryan Rutan


      Was wondering if I could put a request in to have the Actions Widget hidden when there are no elements in it.  To do this, from our side, we would need an ID or some uniqueness that helps us hide the specific Widget, or possibly just the subsections in the Action Widget.  For example, in some cases, we see the Actions Header with no items below it....along with the the Notifications Header with a few actions.  If we had an ID for the entire widget, we'd invoke hide and lose the Notification elements.  As such, it would be nice, if there were ID's on each sub-section of the Actions "Widget" box....along with a universal Widget ID....that way we can easily select the sections and apply CSS styles to them in our global template if they do not have any children. 



      If you have other ideas, please let me know....but in general, this is something we'd rather not own all of the macros for all of the impressions of this feature.






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          Ryan Rutan

          Another element to this request is possibly a better way to control the Actionable items per impression.  Currently they are stored in Macros, and if we wanted to hide these actions for what ever reason....our only recourse is to either rely on CSS hiding and/or modifying the macros for each impression.  If there is another way, possibly in the admin console that there is a way to configure "impressions" and what is seen....possibly this is a dynamic FTL creator/modifier..I dont know...but in the above example, if we were to try and detect after the fact if Actions were truely empty, we'd have to take into some odd cases where the HTML was rendered...just not visible.  This discussion is pretty high up in the clouds....hopefully we'll find a way to bring it a bit closer to Earth. =)

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            hi Ryan,


            In theory it seems like we should be able to add some logic to the renderActionSidebar macro in jive-macros.ftl so that it checks to make sure that at least one of the two tabs (notifications or actions) has at least one item before showing the entire bar.  It definitely makes sense to try and add an ID to the entire block. I added a JIRA issue for those:







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              Thanks for the quick reply!


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