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    Structure of Discussion Comments

      We currently have a nested comment structure for our discussions (issue 1), and a format where the newest comment appears at the bottom of the thread (issue 2).


      Do I, as an administrator, have the ability to change those items?  If so, can anyone point me to a reference?


      I'd at least like to see the newest comments at the top of the list versus the bottom.

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          I am also VERY interested in this and am sad to see no response to your question.  Can anyone help?



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            Hi there,


            I came across this discussion question and wanted to provide feedback for both of you.


            1. Does an administrator have the ability to change from threaded to flat comment structure?

            • You can customize the default thread mode by configuring the following system property: skin.default.threadMode.
              • You can set this to either threaded or flat.


            2. Is it possible to change the ordering of comments to display the newest at the top of the page?

            • There are no system properties or admin console settings to control this ordering. In order to obtain functionality like this, it would require customization to the Jive platform.