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    Any update on video?


      We have lots of existing video content that can't be viewed on the mobile side.

      I thought I would get around it by linking directly to the video file, but I see those are wrapped in security tokens.

      We would prefer not to have to re-upload everything to Youtube.

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          tap tap tap... is this thing on?

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            Hi Dominic,

            You have zeroed in on the primary issue with mobile video; our security model.  We are currently working with our provider to enable a mobile-friendly yet equally secure delivery method.  Once that's completed we'll be in a position to utilize a non-Flash player for devices which require it.


            The project will be delivered in phases beginning with video playback on iPads, then playback within the Jive Mobile app, and finally video capture from the Jive Mobile app.  The intent is to deliver on all three by the end of Q2 '12.


            - Brian

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                Hi Brian,


                Has the ability to view Jive Video plugin content on mobile devices been provided yet? Can we get an update in regards to:

                • Playback on iPads
                • Jive Mobile video playback
                • Jive Mobile video capture?


                We've got a Jive customer that really needs this and we need to make a call on whether we keep waiting for Jive to add this capability or start building an alternative to the plugin.

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                  This is great news, Brian Gil.


                  Also, couple of other things we are looking at:

                  • is there anything in the plans for the option to allow download of videos? I am sure this has been asked a few times before elsewhere on JC, but thought would check with you again for the latest. I think download helps a long way, especially since one doesnt have to be connected. One can quickly download videos on their iPads for example and watch them while on a flight or train. Would love to hear your thoughts on this.
                  • any plans of allowing streaming? that is for live webcasts etc (like livestream.com)


                  We are currently looking to evaluate video solutions and the above two and mobile access would be some of the key aspects we are looking at.


                  So would you be able to share specific timelines on when we as customers could get the above features?


                  My apologies, just realized this was in the mobile group and I know, Brian, you will be able to only answer the above ones related to mobile. Who should I reach out to and get more details about the Jive Video roadmap?

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                  We noticed with Jive 6.0 that we could upload some videos in .mov format and view them all OK on a desktop or laptop, but only some were viewable on iPhone (4S) or iPad. It turned out that the resolution was the key. We found that we COULD view .mov and .m4v formats if they were 480x270, but COULD NOT if they were uploaded as 640x360 or greater.