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    Alfresco vs. Jive Content Management




      I am new to the community and we are new to Jive. Currently, we are in the process of piloting Jive 4.5 with about 600 sales users in a defined space, with the intention to move forward with Jive as our platfrom in the coming year. Currently, we are very dated in our systems and technology. I use Oracle UCM today to manage all content (thousands of documents/videos/images, etc.) that push to the internal sales website, with no "socialization" of anything. As we look to move forward, I am trying to understand why Jive for Content Management or Why Alfresco?.....or could we even stay with UCM?? We have thousands of pieces of content that we will need to migrate, but i want to get this right from the start. I am trying to understand how other companies have dealt with these questions since what I am learning so far is the Jive can handle the content, so what would the benefit be to having a third party handle it?


      Appreciate your comments!