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      What kind of content/tools/widgets do you have on your home page that users find the most useful?

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          This is a question we're trying to answer ourselves. Planning on conducting some focus groups, but going off some conversations I've had, here's what our users really want to see:

          - Easy access to "how to" information, help request submission and introduction/ training on features and functionalities

          - Easier navigation to different spaces and more directions on how to search


          Would love to get more input on this.

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              I would like to see the strategy for developing a help space on the home page. For example, is a Q & A or FAQ approach bettter than an " About Approach"

              • About Groups
              • About Projects
              • etc
              • etc


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                  We have taken the "About" approach. In addition, we have a discussion forum where users post their questions. So over time, that resource has grown into an FAQs.

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                    We've created an open group called "Self Help" as the starting point for all of our users.  We're nearing the end of our Jive pilot and I expect this group will grow once we go public to over 10,000 in the first quarter of 2012.

                    Discover Help Group Home.png

                    Rather than an a big picture "About" approach, we've created a series of short and easily digestible Quick Tips that walk user through specific ideas or actions. For this first round, I prioritized what we identified as new ideas to our company ("tagging"), important features to promote ("profile"), or things that need further explanation ("connections"). These are most like FAQs.

                    Discover Help Group Documents.png

                    It was important to me that this group use as many of the Jive capabilities as possible. For example, as much of our support material as possible is being created as Jive docs. In addition to showing what the native text editor can do, I have made several changes to specific docs based on comments left by other users.

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                  We've been using the homepage to share information that the company deems important for employees:




                  The central column there is for short teasers that link to full articles about things that are going on -- you can see we have an end of year message from our President/COO and information about a recent product award.


                  The left column has org announcements (which people seem to find important and useful) and popular blog posts.


                  The right column has stock information and often contains items that we want to give a little more visibility -- employee contests, important deadlines, etc.


                  Some of the feedback we've gotten from employees over time is that the homepage is a little too cluttered, so we're working through a redesign internally to try to address that. I'm also looking for ways to recapture some of the space at the top of the page to provide more "above the fold" real estate, and a way to better highlight the social aspect of Jive on the homepage itself (ie, more visibility for blogs/groups).