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    Manufacturer's Using Jive

      I am interested in networking with internal community managers using Jive within a manufacturing company.  I gain so much knowledge from other internal CMs, but I think it would be beneficial for those of us within manufacturing to compare notes.....any takers?



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          disaacs - We do more community management for the Federal Government but would love to chat and understand things from your standpoint as well. Truly, I am here to network and learn...

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              Sure thing!  Watch this thread to see if we get any takers.  Here are some of my concerns or topics that I wanted to discuss with someone in the same industry.


              • Shop floor personnel obviously have limited access to the Internet during regular working hours.  What innovative methods can I use to help shop floor personnel engaged on Jive?  Are other companies tackling this same issue?
              • Our company is very engineering centric. I am having trouble getting engineers to see the value of socio-collaborative tools. They will come to my overviews, but they see everything in a hierarchal way. It would be good to share some ideas for translating uses for Jive to the engineering community.
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                  My guess is that engineers really aren't that much different than any other technical workforce. I think the way that is easiest to help them appreciate it is to explain that then instead of using the internet to rely on external experts when they run into a rough spot, they can lean on and learn from each other. It gives them a way to share their experiences with each other without having to be face-to-face, or even take time away from what they are doing. They can post questions (and answers or advice) when they aren't in the middle of a project, on a lunch break, or before they head home for the night. And depending on what kind of access you allow (i.e. if they can reach outside the firewall), they can potentially even "converse" with each other outside working hours.