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    Anyone enable the apps market?  What's your strategy for enabling apps?


      Hi internal cmgrs,


        Has anyone on 5 with the apps market enabled?  If so, what's your strategy for dealing with apps?  We are planning our upgrade now & we have pretty strict information security and data privacy needs that mean we can't enable apps as the default.  We're trying to find the balance between not being a bottleneck and not allowing unvetted apps on our platform.  So I was curious if anyone else had decided on middle ground and what it looks like.



        • Anyone enable the apps market?  What's your strategy for enabling apps?

          John Summers just enabled it yesterday in NetApp's public community.

          • Anyone enable the apps market?  What's your strategy for enabling apps?

            I'll be walking this line, too, Jem. More from the standpoint that we want to make sure we've reviewed how the apps interact in our environment (since I'm sure we'll get support questions), as well as from the payment standpoint. Jive has our 5.0 instance stood up, so I can now see what it looks like and what's available (plus the Ts and Cs specific to the marketplace). That made it more understandable.

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              Hi Jem, Tracy, et al,


              I think I know some of you, e.g. John C, but for the other folks, I'm the Jive Apps Developer Evangelist. I've worked with the app partners in the development of their apps for the market. I'm happy to answer any questions that you might have about the app, serve as a liaison with the app partner, and in general, try to make you successful with apps (including those you might build yourself).



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                John Schwiller

                Dont want to 'rain on the parade' but a few comments on the few apps I have tried. I had hoped to touch base with Robin at JW but we managed to not quite get in the same place at the same time   


                Apologies if the items below appear negative - perhaps I've just been unlucky in my app choices:


                1. A meeting app that shall remain nameless munged our user data with that of another Jive customer. It was fixed pretty quick when we raised the alarm but I was surprised it got through to live without this issue being discovered by either Jive or the app developer.


                2. A language conversion app is currently not doing translations - I have had an open ticket with them for several weeks. To be fair they are on the case.


                3. The RSS App says it is the 'replacement to the RSS widget'. It doesn't store credentials and I have been asked to raise an idea


                4. JSME/Fathom looks nice - have raised some issues on Ryan T (helpful to meet him at JW).  


                Clearly we are in early days mode and kudos to everyone for getting it to where it is    but:


                - when data is taken off to an app developer's servers they need to handle it to the same standards as Jive (or the customer) do.


                - app testing needs to be to an understood standard, hopefully Jive standard but I'm not sure this is baked in.


                - app feedback and reporting needs to ideally be via JC - we know how the ticket mechanism works and can make cases public for the benefit of all. Several apps seem to push you off to the app developers own facility.


                Clearly as more people use apps the market will get better


                And one last point, I and at least one other user I'm in contact with today really would like an on-prem mechanism to serve up in-house written apps with no connection to the cloud. Would appreciate a 'working group discussion' on this as I understand it has been thought about internally already but with no result as yet.

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                  Great ideas!  We're also working through some of the implementation challenges around this.  Here's some feedback from my perspective:


                  If we are going to open the Apps market internally, the apps that are open for user consumption need to go through an internal QA process before being available to the users.  The way the market is configured currently, apps are available until an admin goes in and marks them as disabled. 


                  1) I recommend an opt-in model rather than an opt-out model (or at least the option to switch styles), as security, purchasing, and support conscious enterprises will not want rogue software sales turned on and wired to internal data that can become external via an app, and it is onerous to opt out of every new app that is released (admin goes on vacation, returns to find untested app bought by a department that violates regulatory control X, etc).


                  2) When an app is disabled by an admin, it should also have the option of being hidden in addition to Tracy's idea about annotation. I understand the desire to publicize availability, and we certainly want to gauge user's appetite for tools , but there are some apps that will never pass the certification hurdles and having them visible just causes confusion amonst the users. 


                  3) User license provisioning via group permissions or overrides: If we do purchase some paid apps, we need to be able to manage who can see/install them, especially if licensing is limited. (also perhaps controlling who can see the apps market at all this way)


                  Overall, I really like the way this is coming together - crowdsourcing of this type doesn't have a lot of downsides as long as the quality control is there, so make sure you have a control gate on the apps that get listed and this should be a huge win!

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                      Interesting, as I was under the impression that we would have the choice of either an opt-in or opt-out model. My concern with the opt-out model is that I won't have any notification that there is a new app in the marketplace that I haven't disabled yet. And I really don't want to have to add a new step to my daily routine to go check the marketplace for new apps. And what happens when I'm on vacation or at JiveWorld?! Ouch.


                      And while I agree there are some apps that will never be made available, I would actually prefer not to hide them. Because we have techie folks in our community, they are going to find out that those apps exist anyway and then ask why they can't see them. Eaiser for me to leave them unavailable with a notation so that it is obvious why we aren't making them available.


                      Point #3 is really key. If the user license that was purchased is for 100 users and you have 500 in your community, you don't want it to just be first come, first served. It is important to be able to control that somehow. And/or be able to "push" apps out to specific users that you know will need access to them.

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                      We are getting ready to make the jump into 5 pretty soon and we have a lot of these same questions and concerns regarding the management of apps.  It’s been a while since there has been any activity on this thread.  Does that mean that these are no longer issues or concern for your organizations?


                      While our company would love to enable the apps market functionality, it’s very difficult to get our arms around how we can manage the purchase and use of apps in a controlled manner.  If we could only have an opt-in model vs the current opt-out model, I think that would go a long way towards calming our fears.  Does Jive have any plans on giving customers this choice?

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                        We're moving forward with the upgrade and Apps turned off as well. Jive made some good steps in the right direction between the Alpha and final version (thanks to a LOT of feedback from participating customers), but it still isn't where it needs to be for us. And to be honest, I feel that there are enough differences between 4.5 and 5.0 that I don't want to introduce Apps yet. Need to get people understanding the new platform first, as I'm sure I'll be inundated with questions. Trying to also cover Apps questions and "authorizing" Apps for usage seems overwhelming at this oing.