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    Jive 4.5.6 to Jive 5


      As part of our jive 4.5.x implementation I build a custom content type for our support team. This support content type allows our customers to enter support tickets. The support type does have about 15 custom tables. The UI is built on Freemarker with dojo and some YUI.


      We are getting ready to upgrade to Jive 5. I have the support type loaded and running under jive 5. I still have some work to do for the UI and replacing flows as some of the interfaces are no longer supported in Jive 5. But it appears to be very doable.


      So My question is:

      Is keeping this custom content type advisable moving forward or should I start looking at porting this to the new Apps Framework? Does anyone know the future of custom content types moving forward?


      Don Rivard