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    New Regional User Group Structure, thoughts?

      Hello everyone...I wanted to see if anyone had any issues with me moving all the content from this group over to the new Southwest User Group


      In general, I am laying out a group structure that is bit more high-level for the United States.  Once a pocket of active regional users have been identified, I figure we can break that pocket out into a separate focused group (if desired).  As it stands, this group doesn't have much talking going on right now .... but under this new structure...the Rocky Mountain User Group would also be merged into the Southwest, so it would give us a bigger audience.


      The decision to merge is optional, and I'm completely OK with this remaining a group on its own, but based on the track record...it could stand to be merged for better participation. =)


      Just let me know.  If I dont hear back from anyone...I'll go ahead and move the group over and re-invite everyone to the new one. =)