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    Question regarding this User Group

    Ryan Rutan Guru

      Hello Northeast User Group.  I wanted to ask a few questions to the group and see if anyone has any thoughts or feedback.   I am working on creating a better user group experience for the US as well as our international groups.  I've created a series of groups recently, Southwest User Group, Southeast User Group, The specified item was not found. Great Lakes User Group etc... such that when I see people are from specific areas...I can direct them to start joining these groups.  Which leads me to my questions. 


      Would anyone object to the following changes to this group:

      • Change the logo of the group to match the theme of the rest?


      • Allow me in the near future to change the URL of this group to /groups/northeast to coincide with the format of the other groups?  This will break any personal bookmarks you have to the current longer URL.
      • Last one, which I know is a big ask ... but would anyone object to turning this group into Members Only?  Currently it is the only US group that is Private.


      All of these changes are recommendations and are not required.  In the end, we will market it however it needs to be, but thought I would ask to gauge the response.

      I look forward to driving new users and conversations to this group. =)