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    Jive Documentation and Feedback for Version Bugs

    Ryan Rutan

      Kevin, I think you are absolutely right on the money here.  I think this is the reason that the documentation team started transitioning the documentation into Jive, rather than off in a separate side system.   I know they've commented on this recently about when they will update the documentation ... but it is not 100% clear to me at this moment.  Honestly haven't thought about it.  I do not think it is an unreasonable request that we close the loop on some major bugs filed against these versions.  I think the problem comes in knowing which of the versions are affected.  (i.e. customer reports in version x.y.z ... but does that issue happen in x.y.y or x.y.x?)  How far do we take this research for each issue?  How often do we make these updates? Weekly? As-Needed?  Are the customers expecting to see a diff of the changes and/or is there a weekly blog post here to advertise?


      This may be a separate conversation...so if this blows up...I will probably branch this discussion. 

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          I think that having the list visible and at least with which versions people have reported seeing it would also help reduce duplications.  If the support engineer is working on the problem, I could “vote” on it similar to an idea instead of creating a new one.