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    Launch Event Success Stories?


      We're currently planning our launch event for our Jive 5.0 Intranet.  This company has never had an Intranet before and I'm wondering if anyone out there did things that were particularly successful during launch.  We've thought of:


      1.setting up a "photo station" to capture staff profile pics.  


      2.  setting up Task-related booths where people could sit down and 1) Fill out their profile 2) join a group 3) leave a blog comment 4) DM someone.  If they did all four they'd be entered into a raffle. 


      3.  running a demo video on a loop.


      We don't have enough people involved with this project to man booths.  Has anyone used (and paid for) Jive people to demonstrate the product to staff?


      I'm really just wondering what worked at launch events for others....





        • Launch Event Success Stories?

          We didn't do a launch event. But from what I've heard from offices of ours where they have done photos, you really need to make the photo booth fun in order for people to participate. Allow them to get a few fun group shots, or have someone doing makeup (you might even have an employee who sells Mary Kay who would do this). Otherwise people think of it more as a mug shot and are less likely to want to have their photo taken.

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              That's interesting Tracy because we keep going back and forth on the photo thing.  The original idea was to get people to get photos taken so they'll add them to their profile.  A decision has been made not to use security photos to entice people to add their own and I'm worried that staff won't bother.  On the other hand, I'd rather have this be a fun thing.  We're a fashion company and we could provide props, etc.

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                  Props would make it a lot more fun! You might also consider reminding people this is a great opportunity to get a head shot for LinkedIn, speaking opportunities - whatever else they might need a professional photo for. No one likes to pay to have those done, and many people have need of them at some point.

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                Those sound like good ideas but if the booth is unmanned I am not sure how successful that would be. I am sure Jive could help you (for a price, of course).


                I would suggest running some sort of contest or drawing where "everyone who completes their profile in the first week will be put into a drawing for an <whatever the latest Apple product is>". That will get a lot of attention and people doing what you want to.


                You might also consider... a "welcome" message from your CEO - posted on the site and maybe out to staff via email.


                Does the intranet/site have a name? That can often be a great way to "brand" what you want employees to get out of the site and might aid in making exciting promotional flyers, etc.

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                  It's my 2nd week at work here adn today we experienced a really successful launch.  We sent out an email from the CEO this morning talking about how excited he is for our new employee intranet. Another email was sent out an hour later informing the employees to get their professional photos taken during lunchtime (11am-1pm). When employees strolled by the big cafeteria, they were welcomed by lively music, balloons and a red carpet. Walkindg down the carpet led them to 2 photo stations where they got 5-6 head shots in front of our company step and repeat. Right after their photo, they were escorted to the demo station (12 of us with a computer each) where we activated their account, uploaded their photo and showed them quick things like how to Follow a Place and how to search. We had them configure their mobile device as a option. They walked away with a prize map - a fun checklist of basic things to do in Jive in order to be eligible for an iPad mini and other gift cards.  Steve Shultz and Karen Nichols were the brainchilds behind this. It was so much fun and we heard very positive feedback! Most of all, a lot of activity was buzzin in Jive. Happy to share more details if interested.