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    Solutions for "I forgot my username" on login page


      The out-of-the box "I forgot my username" login page steps and how my company is managing employee access do not align with each other. Have others encountered this? How did you fix it? Can it just be turned off?


      For more detail than you want to know, continue reading:



      At my company, Jive username and password are synched to your network login. A simple sentence on the login screen that says "Remember, your Jive login information is the same as your network ID and password" would solve my specific problem. But I still have the issue of the highly visable "I forgot..." button, which takes employees down this path:


      1. Jive only offers help if you forgot your username (and not password).
      2. Jive asks for the email you registered with Jive (internal employees are automatically given access to Jive and must make the assumption to use their company email).
      3. Jive makes statements about password resets (there is no password reset functionality in our Jive).
      4. Jive send username only (if you forgot your password or don't remember it's your network login, it's a dead end).
      5. Employee spends 5 minutes going through these steps only to get partially or fully annoyed.