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    Social Business/Community Management as part of Communications Team/Strategy


      Sorry, longest post title ever. Gia asked that I post this question here, and mention Jem_Janik and Tiffany LaBanca. Appreciate any input!


      My role as community manager looks like it might be transitioning  into a more traditional communications role, with community manager aspects. I'm interested to see how other companies have successfully integrated a community manager into a communications department or strategy. I know that CM positions often lie within HR, IT, social media or communications, and I am interested in CM roles, and/or Jive usage, as part of a communications team and/or strategy.


      My company uses Jive as an intranet already (and quite well), but I think of communications this from the inside-out: community management branching into communications. I'm more interested to see how others do this outside-in: an overarching communications department or strategy that includes social business/community management. We do not currently have a communications team/department - our Jive intranet IS the strategy.


      If you can share how your company integrates social business into a communications strategy, it would be  appreciated!