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    Hello fellow Midwestern Jivers!


      Greetings Midwestern Jive User Group members. I thought I'd try to get the ball rolling here as I'm one of the people who has been bugging Jive to try to get a Midwest User Group started!


      Quick introduction for anyone I haven't had the pleasure of meeting in person or virtually yet - I'm the Development and Operations manager for the element14 Community (www.element14.com) at Premier Farnell. We're a global publicly facing community for electronic design engineers. We've been live for about 3 years, are on-premise, on 4.5.3, and are one of Jive's "moderate to majorly" customized customers. We have about 75k members from over 41 countries and we support 9 languages (one of our Jive customizations was to translate the Jive application into Traditional Chinese, Korean and Thai.) I manage a global team of internal developers and operational support folks. We've also worked with Jive professional services as well as several of Jive's partners including SolutionSet and 7Summits (the Midwest's local Jive experts). We're in the early planning stages to upgrade to Jive 5.


      As the manager of a fairly well-established community, I'm always looking to connect with people who either share similar issues to brainstorm or commiserate about, or have found a solution they are willing to share. Likewise I'll be happy to share anything I can that may help a fellow Jive customer avoid some of the mistakes we've made or allow them to benefit from a solution that has worked well for us.


      Enough about me! I hope many of you will post in reply so we can get to know each other.