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    Have you customized the Actions widget?


      We get continuous feedback about the overwhelming number of choices Jive offers, even in places where they don't seem necessary (We're on 4.5.6). For example, when you go to any tab within a group, you get options to create all types of content (discussions, ideas, blogs, polls, etc.) instead of limiting it to just the content type within that tab. Users also complain that the standard Actions widget isn't ordered in a logical way. From the community manager point of view, people often want to customize some of the links in the menu, but leave others. For example, in a help forum, "Start a discussion" might be changed to "Ask the experts" and "Create an idea" might be "Make a suggestion." It seems like it would make sense to break out the menu so that some of the sections, such as "Notifications," would actually be in a different widget to allow for this flexibility--you could create an Actions widget by hand for the content creation actions and then add in the Notifications widget with all the fancy functionality. Has anyone else done anything like this?


      Here's an example of how I am thinking about customizing it. This would be for the Discussions tab, and some or all of these sections may live in separate widgets:



          Start a discussion

          View Unanswered Questions

          Filter by Categories and Tags


      Email and Feeds

          Receive email notifications

          Get feeds for this group

          Create content by email

          Send email to members


      Group Membership

          Leave this group

          Invite people to join this group


      Group Administration

          Edit group details

          Manage group members

          Delete the group


      Thanks in advance for your feedback.


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          The way you're describing it, at least for the content portion, is how the Actions widget works once you click into a discussion thread (in 4.5.x).


          I'm quite a bit on the fence about this. I see your point but also frequently use these links and would miss them (or would have to pogo stick around the site). But, it is I think sort of a moot point, since Jive has already stripped away many of the links in the Jive 5 interface, when you use the Content tab.

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            I tried to pull out the code for start/stop notification an put that into a separate html box.  I created a button to add a discussion which allows me to add a title and tags.  If I could have gotten the notification working, I could remove the action box.


            As Kevin commented, with the radical changes to the UI in V5, not worth spending too much energy on this.


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              John Schwiller

              Agree with Kevin and Mike and realistically wont Jive's future work on 4.5+ just be bug fixes and vital new features backported from 5.0+ ?


              I would prefer Jive to be concentrating on 5.0 UI aspects as described here:   where I did some mock-ups - but even now after about 5 months I don't tend to struggle so much with these issues. Although I know I will struggle again next time we try to upgrade a customer from 4.5 to 5.0 and have to explain the new 'improved' look.

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                  Thanks, guys. For us it is relevant, since we'll be on 4.5 until the next major release of 5.5 or 6.0, not due out for 6-7 months. That's a lot of time for users to grow frustrated and it's hurting our adoption in the short term.


                  Kevin, that's a good point about missing the links. Maybe we'll just recategorize them so it's not so overwhelming, but we won't remove any of them.


                  I'm surprised that this isn't more common, since our strategy consultant told us that it is a best practice to replace the Actions widget with more specific calls to action. I didn't realize when we first discussed it contains key functionality, such as subscribing and unsubscribing.