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    Group Layout


      We're looking for inspiration for a group/space layout for users new to our instance.


      Here's practically our default layout. This is our Feedback Forum


      Here's another one called "Infographic Inspiration". It has resources up top then there are several infographics down the page based on submissions by users. I add them as user submit them using the formatted text widget.



      We'd love to see some of yours if you are will to share.


      Thanks - Mike

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          Hey Mike,


          You are more than welcome to come on over to our offices and check out our internal community, consider this your invitation!    Here's a screen shot of what our users see as their default right now (this is working under 4.5.5 and we're moving to 5.0 so we will be redesigning and customizing in 2012, but for now thought it might be cool to share).





          Default Using the Community page:




          Sample Group Layouts: