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    Profile picture stats?


      Anyone have stats on % of users who have uploaded a profile picture? Also, please note whether this includes all profile pictures, or just photos that show the person's face. We use our profiles as a staff directory as well, so a recent photo that shows the face is a must!


      I am community manager for a group of about 800 people within a much larger user group. I have to count profile pictures manually (which, luckily for me, we have a large % of pictures so I actually only need to count those without). I have a few sub-groups within my 800.


      • Four of those user groups have about 20-40 users, and profile pictures (clearly showing the user's face) are up for 100% of these users.
      • For my user group of about 360, 95% have profile pictures.
      • For my other user group of about 250, about 50% have profile pictures.


      How does this compare to your community? Do you consider profile pictures important to your community?

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          I was looking around in the analytic module but it seems the photo is not part of the profile, so it does not show in that report.  We have not required or suggested that folks add a photo.  We have external and internal folks in the Support Community.  With over 41K members, checking manually using the people search page would be a pain.


          My personal take is if the employee has face-to-face interactions, they should add a photo.  If you have an employee directory or a badge system where you can get the photos, a webservice could be created to auto load them.


          For an internal there is a lot of searching the employee directory for photo, location, and org.  If the system auto loaded those, it would increase usage.