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    Handy trick for managing SPAM in User Profiles

    Ryan Rutan

      It is no secret that we have been actively working to remove/control spam in the Jive Community.  At least that has been my mission since Day 1.  I can honestly say we've made some head-way in the matter, thanks especially to John Schwiller =)


      Recently, I started thinking of a way I could right a plugin in my Admin Essentials Plugin to help with the matter.  And today, I think I figured out a step in the right direction when it comes to Spam profiles.


      I recently implemented this code snippet in the /template/global/view-profile.ftl on the Jive Community that will hide a user's profile bio if the user is disabled.  This includes the Photos and all extended profile fields (such as URL, description, biography) etc... this means that the only step you need to do to kill any SEO or undesirable visual imagery is to simply disable the user.


      I will working to add a toggle (enable/disable user from the Profile page for System Admins or Community Admins).  Once there, an admin will be able to disable the profile right there in the UI and can be rest assured that the profile is not causing any further problems.  I'll also plan on marking the profile with some sort of meta data which will allow for your teams to isolate the profile and remove during planned maintenance periods.


      Just thought I'd share this here first.  The snippet I have provided is only for 5.0.x, but should be portable as-is to 4.5.x. (or close).  As for the Admin Essentials, I will only have time to deploy in 5.0.x at this point.


      Let me know if you are interested.  If you'd like to see this in action, you can click on this profile:



      This is what an Admin sees:



      Just thought I'd share this news ... hope it can help someone =)