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    Custom web client


      We would like to build a mobile web view of Jive for a user base which is almost entirely mobile based.


      Is it possible to build a custom mobile view for jive, if so can anyone point us in the right direction of the relevant api's, documentation or personal experiences of doing this.



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          Hello Mike,

          Jive has built a cross-platform (iPhone, Android, Blackberry and soon iPad) mobile web app which is brandable and can be used for public and private Jive communities.  I would highly recommend speaking with your account executive if you would like more insight on what that product provides beyond what is published in this group.  That being said, the app we built internally is based entirely upon the Jive Core API which is documented at https://developers.jivesoftware.com/community/community/docs.  Specifically, the REST API documented there.  Usually customers only go down the custom development route if:

          1. They have an existing app and wish to incorporate a subset of Jive content into it.
          2. They need to support previous generation devices that we don't support such as BlackBerry OS5 or Symbian.

          If either of those scenarios apply to you, I highly recommend engaging with SolutionSet, a Jive Partner, as they are adept at Jive mobile app development and I imagine that would be much more efficient than going entirely on your own.


          Please let me know if more information is needed.




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              Hi Brian,


              I am working with Michael on the same project. Thank very much for taking the time to feedback.


              Our situation is that that we're pitching a FTSE100 company in a couple of weeks and our research has led to a set of platform requirements inline with your software. We would like to present back to the client a number of scenarios showing how the software could be utilised to meet their requirements. Unfortunately we're time is of the essence and we're making slow progress with the UK sales representative.


              Ideally we would like to have access to an evaluation area where we can get a feel for how things work, perform gap analysis and take screen shots. If you could point us in the direction of someone who may be able to help further with technical or partnership discussions I'd be most grateful.


              Kind regards,



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                  Hi Robert,

                  I have initiated a discussion internally on how best to support your needs.  In the meantime, I encourage you to try the Jive Mobile product by visiting https://community.jive-mobile.com on your mobile browser.  This is the implementation of our product for this community so you can login with the same credentials you're using to access the desktop web site.  A few things which won't be immediately obvious:

                  1. The Jive app can be branded easily via uploading images in the Admin console and choosing some colors.  The Jive Community app is obviously Jive branded.  To see another example you can try https://t-mobile.jive-mobile.com if you'd like.
                  2. The Jive Community is on Jive 5.0.0.  When it upgrades to 5.0.1 we will add an important component of the Jive platform, Communications, which replaces the Mentions tab.  This is the read-tracked queue of all essential information.  Mobile for 5.0.1 is live today and is being used by a multitude of customers.
                  3. Other areas to peruse are Search, a federated search across Users, Content, & Places, and @ mentions, the ability to reach out to specific individuals by typing either @[username] or using the user search in the Status Update, Discussion, or Comment/Reply creation flows.
                  4. An iPad version of the app and an optional configurable home page feature are being released by the end of this month.


                  - Brian

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                      Hi Gil,


                      Thank you for your advice, we have looked at the mobile client for this community and it looks like a great start, and also the 'Jiveworld 11 App'


                      For us as the mobile view will be the primary or even sole means of accessing the community rather than the secondary we are looking to create a richer client function set.


                      We look forward to hearing from you soon.


                      Thanks Mike

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                        Hi Brain,


                        Many thanks for the advice. From our research there appears plenty of scope for the platform and plenty of active development. Hopefully we can confirm this and discuss the product roadmap with a Jive representative soon.