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      Interested in opinions around this release. 


      1.  Experiences from any of you with these issues in current environment?

      2.  Have any of you already migrated? How'd that go?

      Issues Addressed

      JIVE-10669, JIVE-10670 - Security issues in the admin console

      JIVE-10377 - When a nightly LDAP sync job is enabled and there are many users, an out of memory error can occur

      JIVE-10110 - Email notifications are sent from a specific user rather than the system users, causing unnecessary out of office auto-reply spam.

      JIVE-10265 - Images not being stored on publish

      JIVE-755 - Images aren't properly associated with the content they are embedded in

      JIVE-10017 - Clicking on category name in Categories Widget should take you to the All Content tab