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    Office Connect / Outlook Connect - Proxy Server Issues


      Question for the group as I wonder if others  are having this problem.


      We are in the pre-production deployment stages of Jive 5.0.1. We will be rolling out the Office Connect and Outlook Connect tools to our entire internal user community. Within our network, here is a proxy server users must go through to get to the outside world. (Jive is hosted externally for us)


      The Office Connect module was working fine until the recent software upgrade. The setup of how you configure your proxy server has changed with this release. Office Connect appears to default to the proxy server in your browser. (In our case, Internet Explorer 8 or Chrome) However....it is NOT picking up the proxy server correctly and there is no way that I can see to correct it. (We have the same issue with Outlook Connect.)


      We are working with Jive on this issue and have a call scheduled for later today. However, I wanted to see if the Community has seen this issue and come up with any work arounds.  It should also serve as a caution about pushing this out for the moment as you may run into problems.

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          John Schwiller

          Hi Bill (btw great avatar)


          Yes I have seen proxy setting being dropped on earlier versions of Outlook Connector - for example users who travel from office (need proxy) to home (dont need proxy). I'm at the latest version now on several Jive instances and can't report if this issue is better at this time.


          Haven't seen any evidence of the proxy being picked-up from a browser - does it claim to? (how could it (easily) as Outlook isn't accessed in a browser, how would the connector know which browser to look at? perhaps use the default browser?)


          More worringly have seen the manually input proxy setting being trashed on several occasions and have reported this to Offisync dev.



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              I have an update on this….



              ·         Jive did make some changes to the Outlook and Office Connectors to pull the proxy settings from your browser automatically. This should help make configuration easier for users and you will not need to set it up.


              ·         However, there was a bug in the software and it was not picking it up.


              ·         I worked with Jive yesterday (Wed Dec 14) and they got me the latest client version of both connectors…and all is good in the world now. Both connectors are working great.  (Client v1.1.1 (10.1.24) for the Outlook piece)


              In regards to the avatar….from the Jive World avatar booth!:-)