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    Search not displaying me as a content creator




      I thought search would identify creators of content as well as the content itself in a search.  So I create a document with some tags associated with it.  When anyone quick searches it display's the content but not myself as a content creator.  So is this a bug or am I expecting something Jive can't do?





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          Not sure if I am answering question directly, but here is what I know. When you search on a keyword the search engine will display content that includes the keyword in the tag or content. For people the keyword must be included in their profile.  In my example below I searched on the keywords "business case". I had created a document with those words in the title.  You will see that I am not listed in search results because those keywords are not included in my profile.  My name does appear as the creator by the document listed in the search results.


          Searching Keywords.jpg