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    Activity tab under Places?


      Just had a brainwave and was wondering what if we had an Activity tab under Places. At the moment we just have three tabs - Overview, Content and People. We could add a fourth one "Activity".


      With Jive moving towards more of a Activity Stream based platform and the fact that most users probably have an Activity widget on their Overview tab (Recent Activity etc.), it might be worth having a dedicated tab that people can always switch back & forth just the way we do at the moment with Content or People. Further more, we could have an option to set the default landing page for Places too, similar to the way we can select it for Jive's main Homepage. This will give us more real estate on the Overview tab to add other widgets and also give more visibility/importance to the Activity.


      With Jive5, any content or place tagged with an @mention of the group/space name will add a new activity to the Recent Activity of that place. So unless we have the Recent Activity widget this is not very obvious (let me know if I am wrong). The Activity tab could have the same look and feel like the What Matters: Activity tab. Right-most narrow column could contain recommendations (Jive Genius) that might be relevant for that group.


      So the Activity tab can take care of all things associated, related, relevant and tagged for that place. Has this been debated already? What do others feel about this?