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    Wanted: Community "OnBoard" In-Take Forms / Toolkits


      Have you created any of the following for your External Community program that you wish to share templates here?


      I've got two weeks to develop a complete community toolkit which needs to include (separate deliverables):


      1. Community In-Take Form (first thing I'll give a team to get them started on documenting their basics - why they want a community, goals, who's on point, names of potential SME's, topics to cover, lifecyle - start/end if any, etc)
      2. Why Communities vs. WebSite (a primer I want to give folks to think about the value add of communities over website/content)
      3. Community On-Board Process (powerpoint or Word file I want to give a team to give them a feel re: roles and process (timeline, etc) to expect from beginning to end). In this case, we're not starting from scratch with a new "platform" - we'll be provisioning a new Jive "space" as a community.
        • I'd prefer to create this as a PowerPoint - simple, short messages describing the process (kind of a "getting started for dummies" so to speak) something very easy to follow and flip through in short chunks of time


      Anything you have that you think applies, I'd be happy to get. Thanks!

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          Here is an edited version of what  I created for the internal communities but it can be used for external, too.

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            Here is the template that we use for planning our new (all external-facing) communities/groups.  The intention is that it's a workbook that has an informational slide or two, and then a slide that the group completes with their decisions.  This ensures that the team understands background and expectations but then takes ownership over decisions.


            The intro sections (why do we want a community, etc.) could definitely be stronger, although we have tried to keep this short so it's not overwhelming.  I will caveat that I pulled parts of the "Are you ready to host?" slide from some website I found somewhere.


            We've found that there's often some confusion/misnomers around community/group leadership/management, so going over this in person/webex is more effective than sharing it for them to complete on their own.  We usually get through it in around an hour for the first meeting, and then reference back during subsequent planning meetings.  In theory (ahem) these would all be loaded somewhere to show that process is being followed consistently, and so that anyone internally could reference the initial strategy and plans.


            Prior to the session I'll meet for a few minutes with one representative to ensure that their proposal falls in line with our overall site strategy and that they're prepared to put in the ongoing work involved in leading a community.  This has "educated" a few groups who thought that they get to request a community and then the "ClientConnect team" does everything for them after that.


            Usually after the initial session, one or two participants will comment on how this will be easier than they thought.  I've seen other groups use the A3 format with specific timelines and requirements and approvals, and I feel that for many organizations, that method is too bureaucratic and off-putting for a new concept such as SBS.  This workbook method makes it clear that there are specific things to think about and requirements, but allows the team to drive the speed at which they prepare.

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                Again - PERFECT!!!!


                And you're using a powerpoint version, which is my end goal as well.


                I want this to be somewhat educational as well so as teams start thinking about their needs they are informed of all the areas to think about. This is great. Thank you Suzanne!

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                    Ok, everyone - "PAYING FORWARD" all your great input with one of my own.


                    Attached is an "In Take" form I just created.


                    I also have a few other companion "PowerPoint" overviews I created for various needs as part of my in take process. When I finish cleaning those up, I'll post here.

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                        As always, great stuff.  One thing to add would be metrics reports.  You have them identifying their measures of success.  Will that lead to specific metric reports that you will provide or will they need to collect that information for themselves?


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                            Here's how my process is going to work.


                            1. Team contacts me - we talk a little.
                            2. I walk them through a "Communities at CSC 101 Overview" deck (just did that today). The last page is "NEXT STEPS: YOUR MOVE".
                              1. I have a few 'reading' homework assignments
                              2. one of the to-do's for the team is to "Complete the Community Request Proposal Form" (what you see above).
                            3. When they're done, I tell them to "re-engage" me and we'll review.
                            4. Once, I've got enough data:
                              1. Either I help them with an "Executive Sponsorship Briefing/Business Case" if they need it. (They group I talked to today does. We have a group level President that mandated "All verticals WILL have a community up this year" but then of course the middle layers of management need to approve and figure out a funding model. So I'll help if they need to - create that sponsorship business case).
                              2. Or, if they already have solid sponsorship and a budget, we move on to do a "readiness go/no-go check"
                                • I'm finding I'm having to help teams with their executive cases, funding models, etc.
                                • Also since our programs will be co-sponsored and leverage several teams, I'm helping these groups navigate all of this.
                            5. I'll work with them to move into the right community - and schedule a "workshop" with them to go through a full strategy project. (Think: replicate all the greatness of Jive Strategy Consulting in a reusable format for many internal teams).


                            So the long answer is - to your specific question:

                            • My overview deck I share up front shows some ideas for a measurement framework
                            • But the strategy work I'll do with them - after the intake form - and after a "readiness go/no go" is determined -  will go into details on all aspects of their community set up project


                            The form itself is just to tease out how much the team has already figured out. Some questions are designed to figure out what platform I need to put them on. (Or if all they really need is just a csc.com content zone page where we're redesigning and adding some new capabilities).


                            So the landscape at CSC now looks like:

                            1. CSC Public Communities
                            2. CSC Secure Communities (where IP is confidential to CSC or customer)
                            3. CSC C3 (Employee community)
                            4. csc.com website - where some newer state of the art tools are being deployed to upgrade our site experience and add some "social features/integration" but not community.
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                                Hi Claire,

                                Great in-sight here in walking us through your process of on-boarding.

                                I am trying to put together a Community Management Office to start planning for the on-going support after we launch our internal Enterprise Social Collaboration Portal.  My plan is to put this office similar to a PMO (Project Management Office) to support an Employee Community of 10K participants. Do you have any information or links to where I might get in-sight to forming a Community Management team?  Also, how did you formulate your on-going support strategy?  I would greatly appreciate your help.

                                Best regards,


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                                    All of what I stated is the process we use for External / Market facing communities.


                                    Internally - we have a much different model - one that still needed a good org change model, but also one that allowed any staff member to create a group when they need it, for the business team they needed. So we have no "vetting" process. The best few materials I can point you to for now are below (some of the data is very old in here in terms of numbers - we're at 100% adoption) but the "strategy" for our deployment are covered well for now here.

                                    1. Jive CSC Case Study written here:http://www.jivesoftware.com/files/pdf/casestudy/Case-Study-CSC.pdf
                                    2. CSC's Case Study: Building a Successful Social Business Strategy Inside and Out (this covers the adoption practices and strategy)
                                      1. Presentation: http://www.jivesoftware.com/jivespace/docs/DOC-32268
                                      2. Video Replay: http://www.jivesoftware.com/jiveworld/videos/session?xml=jive-ic-wed-1615_1284591959031RFFU.xml   (The woman who introduced my topic obviously got our employee count incorrect)


                                    Details on our "community" governance are mostly in here. But I also don't talk about how each "group owner" is also part of our "internal community governance" model (and each person that goes through a "request group" also is presented with a set of "group owner terms" that we've evolved over the last 10 years of our "self-service" creation of collaboration spaces in our past tools (before Jive we had several other systems over the years) - so we've evolved our distribution of community ownership to support the business.


                                    Hopefully this gives you some good ideas to get started on the internal part.

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                            Is it possible to get a copy of the "Terms of Use" mentioned in the Allscripts PPT on slide 10?