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    How do I organize people by organization chart?

      We have been using Jive 4.5.5 for a few months. I noticed that most of our people are not "connected" by the organization chart. In other words, when you click on "See xxxxxx on the organizational chart" there is not content. Obviously, it is because we as users are not inputting the content for that connection.  However, I don't know where a user would even enter that type of information.


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          I would think that for most internal company uses of Jive, that organizational structure info would be pulled in from your LDAP system along with the other user info such as their username, first and last name, email address, etc.

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            To my knowledge a user can't add or change a relationship. Only sys admins (Full Access / Manage System) and people who have "Manage Users" access can change the relationship between users.


            These settings are part of the Admin console under Permissions - System Administration


            Changing relationships themselves is possible (Admin console) using People - User Relationships


            Those settings are available independent if you choose to sync the relationships from LDAP / AD or not. Albeit, it wouldn't make sense to overwrite those if you sync these from LDAP automatically. That job runs automatically every night.


            To enable and manage your synchronisation use the Admin console - People - (Tab Settings) - User Data Synchronization settings.



            hope that helps


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              Thank you for your input.  I was assuming that the data would come from our active directory. But I couldn't figure out how it happened to only two people in the company.  So I was thinking, maybe there is a user setting that can "force" this organizational relationship on Jive.  But when I asked the user, he didn't know how it happened. I was finally able to track it down.  During the pilot, there was a test of this feature. I wasn't a part of the initial pilot, so I didn't know about the test. 


              Kevin and Frank, I am taking your inputs and will be leading a strategy to make a connect to active directory.  We will see what happens.  Thanks again!