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    iPad Flagged and Bookmark

    John Schwiller

      I think I get flagging but because of the icon at first I was confused that it was the same construct as bookmarking.


      They are independent aren't  they? Any plan to harmonize with bookmarks or add flagging to main UI?


      Any plan to enable flagging on iPhone?

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          Yes, flagging is implemented independent of bookmarking.  We do indeed plan to integrate more deeply  with the core product in this area, but that is something of a longer term project, and we felt that this use case was so important for iPad, that it was worth going ahead with it as an iPad-local feature.


          As for a phone implementation, we believe that phone usage is directed and task-oriented, while the tablet sweet spot is reading and browsing.  And we've designed the feature set of the two apps accordingly.  So, we don't currently have plans to bring a phone-local version of flagging to the mobile interface.  However, as we move toward a product-wide implementation of a flagging-like feature in the future, we'd sure like to support something like "mark this on your phone for later reading on any other Jive interface."