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    Looking for feedback on the Jive Community platform


      Hello all! I am the social network content manager at Penn Foster Schools. We are currently running our community on the Telligent platform and its not meeting all of our needs. http://www.community.pennfoster.edu Can any other community managers comment on Jive's platform?

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          Claire Flanagan

          Would love to help - - where could I start . . .


          CSC has had a several year partnership with Jive, and one that has helped me expand our social business strategy to meet our internal (employee only) and external (market facing/public) and private channel (gaited/customer communities) in ways I could never have imagined four years ago.  1.  A powerful, innovative and easy to use tool, 2. the partnership we had with Jive and their staff, and 3. the state of the art strategy consulting they provided  . . . all proved to be necessary ingredients Jive brought to table to make our program wildly successful.  I suspect there are many other Jive customers that could tell you the same.


          I'd be willing to help with a 30 minute/1 hour call at some point to answer specific questions on our experience to help you get answers you need. There's a Jive Case Study on CSC here http://www.jivesoftware.com/customers/case-studies/csc - but we're now at 100% adoption for our internal community - and we have since expanded our use of Jive as part of our community strategy.


          If you're interested we can figure out a way to exchange contact info and set something up.

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              Thanks for reaching out Claire, I will be sure to look at your case study. We are demo-ing Jive & Fathom on Friday. We've been using Telligent but its limited as far as what we would like to do. Especially in the back end servicing. We don't have the IT resources to dedicate to any updates/changes/customization etc so I need assistance with that. My skills are in community management not development. HTML/ CSS/ posting content/ managing & monitoring forums. Are you the community manager of your sites? I'd love to chat sometime. I need to figure out how many persons I need to correctly set up and manage our student community and the skill sets they need.

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              I find that Jive is extremely flexible from a look & feel standpoint.  However, you really need to have development skills to really make use of it.  You certainly don't need to be a web app developer to make the changes, but you do need to have a solid understanding of html & css to really make it shine in my opinion.  However, it could be something that once it is designed & setup by Jive initially, you may not need to modify much/at all.


              Feel free to contact me as well.