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    Looking for a Jive Technical Administrator?

      Hi All,


      An excellent Jive Technical Administrator I know is looking for a new position. Experienced with a 100,000+ member B2B public community with multiple private communities and sub-communities, a large Pharma community, and a smaller B2B marketing community which all ran on various versions of Jive Software. This person comes highly recommended by her previous community teams.


      Our company, Impact Interactions has helped multiple large organizations like American Chemical Society, Cisco, and NetApp use Jive for their communities and has worked with several good people in the technical role. The person available is one of the top people we've worked with in terms of knowledge and customer service to stakeholders. So, if you are looking for a technical lead or resource for your Jive community, please reply to this message or send me an email at MRowland at ImpactInteractions.com. (We have no financial stake in this, we're just trying to help a friend.)