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    Showcasing success stories


      Hello all - hope your new year is off to a smashing start.


      I am looking to find out if any of you can send me examples of how you showcase your success stories in slides. Hoping to get some guidance on how others have done it as we embark on pulling ours together into slilde format.


      Thanks in advance.

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          I'm interested in how you showcase them as well as how you collect them. It doesn't seem to work well to just provide a forum for people to talk about their successes. What works best for this?

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            Although we are in the process of building this, I thought I would pipe in.


            To collect stories I am creating a Group for people to share their stories about how ExplorNet (Jive) has helped them.  There is a monthly drawing for a prize for those who submit a story that month (we have extra iPads laying around - don't ask why - that we are giving away for people to use for a month).


            But to showcase I am going to take the model the Twitter does, which I thought was pretty effective: http://stories.twitter.com/ Our home page of the group will look similar, and a new case graphic will be displayed on the home page every so often.


            There will be some stories featuring PEOPLE (picture of the person, not just avatar) and BUSINESS NEEDS in text on a Document.  (Perfect to translate to PPT especially if they are not made to look like a slide).


            But also I am creating short videos of people telling their stories ora quick display of how users can be more effective.  I anticipate the videos will be more of a hit than the stories will be judging to the early views of the videos.  Plus, there is a much more emotional connection to video than there is to text.