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    Ways to jumpstart business usage!

      Hi everyone:
      We currently have our internal community launched to a group of Early Adopters (that has been growing and growing)!  Most (at least 85%) of the users who have adopted Jive are technical. The business users have been much slower to adopt. We have a whole communication / training / roll out plan ready for when we do launch to the broader workforce later this quarter. However, now, prior to roll out, I'd like to demonstrate value that other organizations have seen in using Jive (either internally or externally) just to give some thought starters to the business folks currently on board (but not using Jive).


      I've seen the Use Case Glossary Jan 2012.pptx as well as How the Business uses Jive, both of which are great and extremely helpful. However, I am wondering the following:


      1. Is there an aggregated list of links to "external" communities that use Jive (which I can reference in one of my blogs)? This would be to demonstrate the myriad of ways companies are using the tool.


      2. Can I somehow share the JiveWorld 2011 videos with staff? I realize these videos are within a private group and it might not be appropriate to encourage 2.1K (eventually) employees to access this group. Again, these videos are awesome and would be huge thought starters for our staff.


      Thanks for your help! Debbie